Friday, October 7, 2011

Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a Bit of a Bitch

It is that time again. Time for me to get bloggin. I am never very consistant with this stuff, but hey I am here now so lets hope I can keep the momentum. As most of you have heard, I have just finished shooting my first ever web series. It is called "Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a Bit of a Bitch." It is a comedy, but is also has documentary/reality elements. The scenes with actors were a breeze, the ones with regular non actor types wasn't so easy. But I will talk about that in future posts.

For a while now I have been talking in bits and bites about the concept of Guerrilla Film making, from my perspective. Everyone has different methods, approaches, ideas so it is important to realize that what I talk about is just the way I do it.

This particular piece has had many challenges, but so far, knock on wood (I am tapping my head) I have been able to overcome. There is most definitely a method to creating film with little or no budget...or is it a madness? I guess that is for the individual to decide. But more on that later, I am just blogging to catch you all up on Hired Gun and let you know I will talk about the experience.

"Father Time..." deals with the concept of aging. What does it mean to be 50 today as opposed to the age 50, 30 years ago? It turned out to be a bit of a personal journey, since I turned 50 last year. It is an interesting age.

The plan is to start releasing episodes around the end of January 2012 and hopefully they will go viral. If they go viral the "Father Time..." team feel confident we can drum up sponsors to help pay for more episodes.

Going Viral will need support from all you folks reading this, and the friends you share it with. It is an experiment in other forms of funding. To be able to create content and perhaps making a living doing it. This isn't always the case for television, film and content creators in Canada. What you can do is join the Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter @BastardTime and when it comes out on YouTube, watch it, watch it more then once and share it with your friends.

I will try and be more regular on posts. Next up for Hired Gun is the second in a series of documentaries under the "For the Record" strand...this time it will be "For the Record Featuring Blackie and The Rodeo Kings" This will then hopefully be followed by a feature film called "Stella's Dead and in the Back of the Truck."Till next time...stay young, because age is JUST a number.

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