Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy Shit, there is a lot going on!

So "For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne" is done. Bill, some of the band, Elaine, Wes and a few others popped over to my place last week for an impromptu screening in my basement and everyone seemed to like it. Dropped it off at the duplicators this morning and it will be ready for purchase early next week.

Next, I am a huge fan of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. It is truly a grand, world class event...and this year (this is blowing my mind) my Bill Bourne film will be available for purchase. Yup right there with all the other greats...For crying out loud, Levon Helm is going to be there...Van Morrison and this film will be selling alongside them, Tres Cool! Make sure you pick up a copy, perhaps 3 at 19.99 it will this years must have stocking stuffer. It will be at the CD/DVD tent as of Thursday or you can order it off the Hired Gun Website.

Finally there will be a public screening on August 19Th at the New City Suburbs (tentative). Tickets are 10.00, and you will be able to get an autographed copy of the show plus Bill will perform. Wanna know how to keep up with the updates? Visit the Hired Gun Website and subscribe to the mailing list.

Well that is it for now...ciao dudes! I'm trying a new catch phrase...let me know if you like it?