Saturday, June 25, 2011

I never get the links right

Please join the Stella Facebook Page. I think I got it right this time.

It has been so long, and now I have so much to talk about and so little time.

Okay, where do I start. Hmmm, perhaps I will tell you about my upcoming projects. I have off course been talking my head off, about my feature film "Stella's Dead and in the Back of the Truck". We are attempting to round up some name talent including; Adam Beach, Gene Simmons and Iggy Pop. Yeah you guessed it...comedy.

I am about to start working on another, in the "For the Record..." series. This is tough, who to do next. I would love to do Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, but had very little luck getting a hold of someone with the band. I will keep trying.

I went to the Banff Television Festival and pitched APTN. They seemed interested. I am proposing we do a 2 hour long, art film about the pairing of African Americans who where escaping slavery in the U.S. and aboriginal people and how this union created such a strong force that it helped define the shape of North American civil liberties. It will be a strong social message told through, music, dance and animation. An organic, indigenous version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

I am also working on projects about Canadian buskers, A group of Edmonton young people that are gay and a web series about the process of aging. The aging thing is a comedy.

While working on all this I just completed a great promotional video for Alberta Education, I am about to start on a series of videos for both The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association and the County of Red Deer and I am feeling good about a music video for a great local talent Brian Macleod.

Throughout all this, I also took two weeks to get away to beautiful Victoria. My wife (Silvana) was there at a conference and I tagged along...all I can say is Tr es Groovy.

Well, okay a lot of stuff, but I didn't say much. Please join the Stella Facebook Page.