Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man, am I glad summer is over

I know, your thinking WTF...this goof is glad summer is over. My problem is that during the summer I have no time for anything, including this blog. Its been forever since I updated it. Do I have stuff to say? I think so!

My new film "For the Record Featuring Bill Bourne is now available for sale on my website. Its a 72 minute musical Odyssey that follows Bill as he records his new record "free radio dance Band". Or was it called "See", no that's not right, wasn't it "Home". Funny stuff, there has been three changes to the title since I started a few months ago. Can't keep up. But I will say I am really proud of this film and I hope all of you that BUY it, like it too.

Next up? Not sure, I would like to do another For the Record, as well as a web series and I am still trying to get a feature done. No shortage of projects and I have been Tres busy doing other stuff like training videos and the good summer just not enough time.

I hope to update this blog a little more and maybe we can get that filmmaker dialogue I talked about before, going?