Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's been a long time since I put something on my blog.

I just never know what to write about when there isn't alot going on. Well last week they announced the finalists for this year's Alberta Film and Television Awards. I got three nods so that is great. "Honest You Won't Get Hooked" is up for best drama under 60 minutes and it is up against some major contenders from Francis Damberger and Prairie Dog Productions.

I was also a finalist in the Best PSA category for one I did for the ASPCA and I am a finalist for a corporate video I did with Fresh Frame Media last year.

All in all it has been a good year. Changes to my website are coming and I will be releasing another short film "Is the Lady of the House In" and I will be selling downloads of a great little documentary I did on Pop star Mae Moore and her husband blues guitarist Lester Quitzau.

So keep an eye and visit the Hired Gun Website.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll"

Okay, perhaps there was no sex, at least none that I saw...last time we wrapped production on the new documentary "For the Record featuring Bill Bourne". What better way to finishing shooting then with a house party. Bill and his band of merry players were nestled in the basement of this south Edmonton location. The cement walls, ratty rugs, and silver duct work created the ambiance that could be described as steamy. The basement was packed with the Band, Fans and Amps. The music was loud and trippy, or maybe it was just the lingering scents of rock concerts past that made it all trippy.

I think this new Bill Bourne record is going to surprise many fans. We have all become use to the many incarnations that is Bill Bourne...but never like this. I suspect fans might experience a bit of what it might have been like at Newport in 1965 when Dylan flicked on the switch. Bill recently told me and I paraphrase, "Rock & Roll is revolutionary and I am, from time to time living the whole Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll lifestyle". When asked, Bill chose notto elaborate, but that conjures up a whole pile of ideas.

What next you might ask? We now move into the difficult task of post production. The hardest part will be to decide what to leave out and what to leave in.

Stay in the loop join the fan page..."For the Record".

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne

So far, today has been an interesting day. I have spent most of it interviewing Bill Bourne for my upcoming documentary. It was truly a profound experience. We shot in one of Bill's favorite places, the coffee shop cafe "Naked On Jasper".

I was there two days ago to talk to a photographer and today I ran into another photographer. There are beautiful photos on the wall, computers for hire, great coffee and some instruments at the back hinting of open stages. This is a place that artists come too. The decor is unique, stylish, hip and original. The atompshere chillaxed, much like Bill.

Tonight we are shooting Bill playing at a Faux House Party. Faux in that he will have to play some of the songs a few times...oh well the people there are fans and now can say they did there part in the very first documentary of a series that will become as famous and long lasting as that great television show "Austin City Limits". Ah yes, like the song says..."Dream never dies, just the dreamer".


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is anyone else sick of this Rahim Jaffer thing?

Okay I have to speak. There is so much in the news and online, all over actually about Rahim Jaffer getting off on his drunk driving/Cocaine possession thing. It was bad, it was wrong, he shouldn't have gotten off...or should he?

Come on people...I don't like the conservatives, I suspect Rahim probably wasn't all that good, but, but...it doesn't mean the man should be condemned. He goes to court and the judge looks at him, sees his job history, sees his criminal history and decides that there is absolutely no reason to ruin this man's life for what might be a once in a lifetime mistake. They let him off and I think that is good judgement. There are criminals and there are non criminal's. Who knows what Rahim is capable of and who knows what kind of impact a criminal charge would have. Everyone deserves a break or two in their lives, it is tough enough to get along in this world. How are people expected to grow without being able to make a mistakes to learn from.

Now did Rahim use his influence to get the court decision he got...perhaps, but if you were in his position wouldn't you. This is a fucked up charge that could have done him a lot of damage. I know if I was in that boat I would use whatever I could to try and make it better.

It is sort of like the Tiger Woods thing...yeah, it looks like he has a problem with commitment but, but...definitely not my business!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"It all began on the side of a hill with 4,000 other people and a set of warpipes"

1991, I had just moved to Edmonton. I was the new Creative Director at CFRN Television. Everyone kept tell me, "You have to check out the Edmonton Folk Music Festival". To this point folk music to me was Joan Baez and those dudes who sang if I had a hammer...The kind of music that would make you vomit if you actually listened to it. But the argument, folk music isn't just that, it is so much more. So I did it...took the plunge, bought tickets.

I am on a side of the hill, the sun is going down Edmonton is in the background there is about 4,000 people. On stage this tall man, really long hair wearing a top hat, beside him a guy in a kilt holding a set of war pipes (If you don't know war pipes are a type of bagpipe). This booming voice yells out..."Let's Dance and Celebrate" and I have been hooked ever since on folk music and on Bill Bourne the writer of "Dance and Celebrate".

So to say I am excited about my new film is an understatement. In case you don't know I am doing a documentary series titled "For the Record". It's about singer/songwriters preparing to record a new album. The first episode is about Bill Bourne and his new record. The documentary should be available for Sale sometime in July. You will find it online and in Megatunes here in Edmonton and Calgary.

With that said please join the "For the Record" fan page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/fortherecord.BillBourne.rootsmusic?ref=ts

Thank you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forgot to add the link

Independent, Gurella Cinema...don't you just love it?

I got a wonderful review for my film "Honest You Won't Get Hooked" in the U of A publication "Gateway" if your interested just click on the link by Sarah Stead and read it.

If you haven't seen the film yet or want to see it again visit my website.

For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne, 3rd day down.

Imagine a small room jammed packed with instruments, five musicians, a cinematographer, camera assistant, me and occasionally a recording engineer named Kevin. Any idea what that equals...a music doc that's cookin!

Yeah, okay I spent to many years writing bad ad copy. But I do have to say, watching an album being created has been an incredible experience for me. Everyone is so diggin the music that is happening. Wes (DP) hasn't smiled so much, Crystal (Camera assist) is updating Facebook with the thrill of it all...and Jerry (sound) is constantly bopping.

We shoot more on Wednesday the 14Th including a house party. Bill and Band will perform. If anyone who is reading this is interested they are all welcome to come. It is free all that is required is that you must sign a release form allowing us to shoot you for this documentary. The event starts at 8pm and the house is located at 9906-81 Avenue

Another first...last night I got to meet another fav of mine...Gaye Delorme. I love hanging with musicians...Does that make me a groupie? Hey I'm not going to sleep with them...Ummm, I wonder, could I be a singer?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Independent Film: The shoot-Day One

Wow, I just finished Day 1 of shooting the first documentary in my series "For the Record". In case you didn't know its about singer/songwriters who are preparing to record. The first episode is about blues/roots performer Bill Bourne as he prepares and records his new album tentatively titled "See".

Yesterday we shot at Beta Sound, one of the recording studios in Edmonton. It was mind boggling the incredible music that is being produced. I am in complete awe of these mind numbing performers. First up on electric guitar is Bill's son Patrick Bourne. This is the first time they have a recorded together and they have only played together a couple of times. The chemistry between Dad and Son is quite amazing. Next is Edmonton Bass Player Moses Gregg, who you might know from the band "The Swifty's". All drummers are definitely not created equal. I now know this now, listening to Chilean percussionist Miguel Ferrer. And finally, while everyone is excellent the one fellow that is blowing my mind is guitarist Peter Oppong "Pa Joe". Peter is from Ghana and plays with the African Guitar Summit.They recently won a Juno for one of their albums. Watching his fingers travel down the frets is mesmerizing. I am gushing like teenage school girl after meeting her pop star fantasy...eeew did I just say that.

Anyway I am digging the music, I like the people. Wes Doyle is shooting so you know, not only will it sound good but it is going to look great.

There will be Facebook fan page soon so, everyone can make sure they get all the info on the show. Or you can visit my website which will be getting revamped in the next little while.

Ciao! I am just feeling so worldly.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Its April already…and there is so much going on. A new film is about to be born!

I start shooting my newest piece tomorrow. I have talked about it before, a documentary series called “For the Record”. It’s about singer/songwriters as they prepare to record a new album. The first episode of “For the Record” is about a friend of mine, the blues/folk/roots great Bill Bourne . Cool dude, incredibly talented and his music is always a trip. This is his first time ever doing an all out, full band, rock and roll blues album. This is interesting enough on its own, but the fact that he will be recording also for the first time with his son, Pat Bourne who will play guitar adds to the magic of this film. “For the Record- featuring Bill Bourne” will be available on DVD in July. His new album tentatively titled “See” will be available in the fall.

I like music a lot and I really have enjoyed the few music-based films I have done. A few years back I did a documentary about Canadian pop sensation Mae Moore and her bluesman husband Lester Quitzau. It originally aired on Bravo Canada. It will be available in the near future for purchase as a download at my website. I will keep you all informed about the online release date.