Monday, May 31, 2010

What a week for great music!

True Statement...First off "For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne" is just soaring ahead...wahoo! The first video and what will be the opening for the documentary is now done and we will be releasing it on YouTube and Facebook and the like on Thursday. I hope you guys like it and hey let me know what you think. I went with a rock and roll grungy kind of style and really dig it.

Next up for the week...Tomorrow Folk Festival tickets are going on sale and I will standing in line...I mean how many chances will there be to see Levon Helm...the lineup is incredible. And then they top it...great lineup, how can it get better...two words VAN MORRISON. He is a god as far as I am concerned.

Thirdly I have decided I really enjoy creating music videos and have decided to start pursuing new clients aggressivley. I have designed the Starter Music Video Package. It is a production of a performance style video that will be perfect for YouTube, Vimeo, Much Music, MTV, CMT and like. The best part is that you can get this package for literally 1/4 of its true value. So if your interested in hearing more contact me at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Deep Dark Woods"

Just finished, tonight...the first music video from my new documentary series "For the Record Featuring Bill Bourne". It is a song from Bill's new album called "Deep Dark Woods". Personally I think it is a kick ass piece.

It will be released on YouTube, and I will spread the link on June 3rd. It is Bill Bourne Rock and Roll, and it is hot.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I've been away in Saskatchewan. There was no cell service or internet and I couldn't post to my blog. So sorry for the delay but now I am back.

Wow, whirl wind trip, Edmonton-Saskatchewan and back in 6 days. Visiting family. Really old people I needed to touch base with. It was good. It was strange. It seems weird going back to one's roots. I was in my hometown and I tried to place myself there and couldn't. If I could go back in time and look at me now I would probably just walk by because I don't believe my younger self would recognize who I have become. I guess the question to ask is "Am I not recognizing myself because I exceeded my expectations or...not? Man this is getting maudlin.

Enough, the first music video/trailer for "For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne" is almost done and we will be releasing it soon. Yeah, it looks grand. Lisa Read is one heck of an editor. Okay everyone did a great job...but she finished it and consequently gets all the credit...well no, that isn't true, I get all the credit. After all I did pick these people. Enough for the trailer and watch for the launch of my new website.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Canada's struggling film industry

I talked about it before and I will talk about again and I am going to talk about it now. I am dumbfounded by the Alberta Government's lack of respect for the film and television industry. When I say lack of respect I mean their inability to recognize the economic impact that film can have on a province. I kind of worry that this lack of respect is rampant through the entire conservative world, provincially and federally. I fear that the issues facing this industry will never be solved or even really addressed and then last night my fears were lessened.

Watching TV like I usually do at night. I love satellite being able to watch the different time zones...Last night I was in Saskatchewan when an NDP provincial party ad came on. I guess they are close to an election (Who Knew?) any way to make a long story slightly longer one of the things the ad said was that if elected they would work on more incentives for the film industry.

This is to me is big news. This tells me that someone in government is starting to listen and respond. I know they are after our vote, but now they have become relevant to me and I would vote accordingly. Basically my vote can be bought. I don't worry about health care or education, taxes are what they are...all that matters to me is how your going to deal with the film industry. True That!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Upcoming film projects!

It is becoming an increasingly busy year. First off I am completing the first of what I hope will be a series of documentaries called "For the Record-Featuring...". It follows the singer/songwriter in the process of recording a new album. First up is blues folk legend Bill Bourne. This film will be available to purchase in January.

I am also looking for a an executive producer to help me with a feature film. It is a comedy, a road movie and perhaps a cult film titled "Stella's Dead and in the Back of the Truck". I will be mixing live action with animation.

Then there is a dog whisper type of show, a reality program dealing with the legal system and a bunch of corporate/training films. This should keep me busy for the next little while. Although I am still available for hire for a variety of projects so that don't let my work load scare you off. If you haven't seen my short don't forget too visit the Hired Gun website 26 minutes long and it is free.