Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have been tres busy

Not enough time to write my blog. Today I thought I had too. So everyone is talking about (okay, not everyone but people I know) the new provincial budget. Cuts everywhere...15% to the arts, whew we dodged a bullet.

But wait, the film fund is way to low to begin with, and now it is even lower? Howw can this be? But on the other hand it's the arts, how can you cut health care and not the arts. True That!

Couple months ago back in the year 2009, in Playback Magazine (Canadian Film and Television magazine) Alberta Cultural Minister Lindsay Blackett said something to the effect that for every dollar the Alberta Government invests in Alberta Film and Television they get 8-10 dollars back in spin off business. I am definitely not a economist. I don't know what is a good return on investment or ROI (I heard that somewhere and wanted to impress) but 8-10 dollars on a buck investment seems to me good business. So why the cuts, could it be because the current government doesn't see much outside of oil, or is that just the remnants of dictators past?

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