Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love Alberta, but sometime...?

So, who read the paper today. I am referring to the Edmonton Journal. The story I am wanting to talk about was written by a guy at the Calgary Herald (I suspect Calgary got it too). It is titled "Province to Review Funding for films". It talks about the fact that the province gave $55,000.00 to a Calgary company to do a documentary about the oil sands called "Dirty Oil". Stelmack was quoted as saying "He was livid that taxpayer dollars funded an anti-Alberta film"

WTF...okay who is as pissed off as I am, I want to hear it... Why the fuck does our government only see this province as oil. I haven't seen the film, I don't know if it is a fair and accurate story but I do know that environmental issues about oil are everywhere. The BP thing off the coast of New Orleans has pushed it to the forefront and now it is an even hotter ticket item. I sorry but if someone was going to do a doc about the Alberta oil sands called "Dirty Oil" wouldn't you rather have it be done by someone from Alberta who doesn't have any other agenda but calling attention to an environmental issue. And why is it that a documentary that could thrash the oil sands (again I haven't seen it and can't say) is considered anti-Alberta. A lot of people are concerned and they are voicing their concerns, we live in a free world and have that right. And now they are going to review how they fund films...does that mean they want to start censoring what they fund? Both Blackett and Stelmach denies this will happen but it is really what they are saying.

The filmmakers stated that $750,000.00 was spent in Alberta on this production from the Alberta Governments $55,000.00 investment. Doesn't seem like that bad of a return. Hmmm methinks it might be time for our great leader and his cronies to pull their heads out of their ass and start looking at other economical opportunities for Alberta outside of oil...I think the days of oil might be limited. Alberta is so much more, great people, incredible vistas, a proud heritage built from a backbone of agriculture and it also has oil...a small part of our identity that the current government considers our only face. Man does this kind of shit piss me off...In my opinion.