Monday, October 4, 2010

Canadian Film is Shit...

All films from Canada are horrible, badly done, low budget. Ummm I have heard these comments so often and I say BULLSHIT! Canadian film is where it's at. A good Canadian film can't be beat. The unfortunate part is many Canadians do dis the films being created by Canadian filmmakers. I have a theory, its my opinion but I think it makes sense. The theory is that we make as many good films as the US, based on population. So for every ten Canadian films there is one good one and 9 not so good ones...In the US I use 100 films...and there are 10 good ones and 90 bad the percentage is the same. The problem is we tend to only get the 10 good ones and everyone only remembers the 9 bad Canadian ones!

So how do we change this perception? I suggest creating "Hug an Independent Canadian Filmmaker Day" So we pick a day, for example...February 23rd and call it "Hug an Independent Canadian Filmmaker Day" . So on February 23rd across the country, participating communities organize the local filmmakers and present the films they made to their community and let them view the films for free. The problem is that our films don't get played anywhere so how do we make sure that Canadians get to see these great films? By doing something like this we allow everybody to experience the creative power that is Independent Canadian Film. Who is with me on this one? I am totally in. I would even help organize it...I can't be in charge of organizing it because I am really unorganized...but hey, I will help and I have a few films I wouldn't mind getting seen.

Well there you have it..."Hug and Independent Canadian Filmmaker Day".

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