Saturday, October 16, 2010

So yeah I turned 50...

But you know what is great...I am now old enough to have a friend running for office. I have a friend who is running for the mayor of Calgary. Her name is Barb Higgins and she is a great lady. She is smart, she knows the city, she looks great...serious when is the last time you saw a mayor that was a babe. Barb is all of this and more. The thing I admire most is her integrity. She was interviewed on BT in Calgary by a reporter named Mike McCourt (I use the term reporter loosely). I couldn't believe the questions he asked. But Barb in true fashion I think handily put him in his place.

I will admit I wish I lived in Calgary so I could vote for her. If you live in Calgary, check her out I think you will be pleasantly surprised. She would be great for the city. Sort of like Ralph Klein before he went insane.

Anyway, check out this goofball McCourt (his parents might have been cousins) and on Monday vote Barb Higgins for Mayor!

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