Monday, May 31, 2010

What a week for great music!

True Statement...First off "For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne" is just soaring ahead...wahoo! The first video and what will be the opening for the documentary is now done and we will be releasing it on YouTube and Facebook and the like on Thursday. I hope you guys like it and hey let me know what you think. I went with a rock and roll grungy kind of style and really dig it.

Next up for the week...Tomorrow Folk Festival tickets are going on sale and I will standing in line...I mean how many chances will there be to see Levon Helm...the lineup is incredible. And then they top it...great lineup, how can it get better...two words VAN MORRISON. He is a god as far as I am concerned.

Thirdly I have decided I really enjoy creating music videos and have decided to start pursuing new clients aggressivley. I have designed the Starter Music Video Package. It is a production of a performance style video that will be perfect for YouTube, Vimeo, Much Music, MTV, CMT and like. The best part is that you can get this package for literally 1/4 of its true value. So if your interested in hearing more contact me at

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