Friday, May 7, 2010

Canada's struggling film industry

I talked about it before and I will talk about again and I am going to talk about it now. I am dumbfounded by the Alberta Government's lack of respect for the film and television industry. When I say lack of respect I mean their inability to recognize the economic impact that film can have on a province. I kind of worry that this lack of respect is rampant through the entire conservative world, provincially and federally. I fear that the issues facing this industry will never be solved or even really addressed and then last night my fears were lessened.

Watching TV like I usually do at night. I love satellite being able to watch the different time zones...Last night I was in Saskatchewan when an NDP provincial party ad came on. I guess they are close to an election (Who Knew?) any way to make a long story slightly longer one of the things the ad said was that if elected they would work on more incentives for the film industry.

This is to me is big news. This tells me that someone in government is starting to listen and respond. I know they are after our vote, but now they have become relevant to me and I would vote accordingly. Basically my vote can be bought. I don't worry about health care or education, taxes are what they are...all that matters to me is how your going to deal with the film industry. True That!

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