Monday, April 5, 2010

Its April already…and there is so much going on. A new film is about to be born!

I start shooting my newest piece tomorrow. I have talked about it before, a documentary series called “For the Record”. It’s about singer/songwriters as they prepare to record a new album. The first episode of “For the Record” is about a friend of mine, the blues/folk/roots great Bill Bourne . Cool dude, incredibly talented and his music is always a trip. This is his first time ever doing an all out, full band, rock and roll blues album. This is interesting enough on its own, but the fact that he will be recording also for the first time with his son, Pat Bourne who will play guitar adds to the magic of this film. “For the Record- featuring Bill Bourne” will be available on DVD in July. His new album tentatively titled “See” will be available in the fall.

I like music a lot and I really have enjoyed the few music-based films I have done. A few years back I did a documentary about Canadian pop sensation Mae Moore and her bluesman husband Lester Quitzau. It originally aired on Bravo Canada. It will be available in the near future for purchase as a download at my website. I will keep you all informed about the online release date.

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