Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne

So far, today has been an interesting day. I have spent most of it interviewing Bill Bourne for my upcoming documentary. It was truly a profound experience. We shot in one of Bill's favorite places, the coffee shop cafe "Naked On Jasper".

I was there two days ago to talk to a photographer and today I ran into another photographer. There are beautiful photos on the wall, computers for hire, great coffee and some instruments at the back hinting of open stages. This is a place that artists come too. The decor is unique, stylish, hip and original. The atompshere chillaxed, much like Bill.

Tonight we are shooting Bill playing at a Faux House Party. Faux in that he will have to play some of the songs a few times...oh well the people there are fans and now can say they did there part in the very first documentary of a series that will become as famous and long lasting as that great television show "Austin City Limits". Ah yes, like the song says..."Dream never dies, just the dreamer".


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