Friday, April 9, 2010

"It all began on the side of a hill with 4,000 other people and a set of warpipes"

1991, I had just moved to Edmonton. I was the new Creative Director at CFRN Television. Everyone kept tell me, "You have to check out the Edmonton Folk Music Festival". To this point folk music to me was Joan Baez and those dudes who sang if I had a hammer...The kind of music that would make you vomit if you actually listened to it. But the argument, folk music isn't just that, it is so much more. So I did it...took the plunge, bought tickets.

I am on a side of the hill, the sun is going down Edmonton is in the background there is about 4,000 people. On stage this tall man, really long hair wearing a top hat, beside him a guy in a kilt holding a set of war pipes (If you don't know war pipes are a type of bagpipe). This booming voice yells out..."Let's Dance and Celebrate" and I have been hooked ever since on folk music and on Bill Bourne the writer of "Dance and Celebrate".

So to say I am excited about my new film is an understatement. In case you don't know I am doing a documentary series titled "For the Record". It's about singer/songwriters preparing to record a new album. The first episode is about Bill Bourne and his new record. The documentary should be available for Sale sometime in July. You will find it online and in Megatunes here in Edmonton and Calgary.

With that said please join the "For the Record" fan page on Facebook!/fortherecord.BillBourne.rootsmusic?ref=ts

Thank you!

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  1. Yep. See Bill Bill once and you'll be hooked on his music and charisma. Happened to me in the '80's in a small venue in Red Deer. Still follow and listen to his music. To listen to Bill is to smile!