Thursday, April 8, 2010

For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne, 3rd day down.

Imagine a small room jammed packed with instruments, five musicians, a cinematographer, camera assistant, me and occasionally a recording engineer named Kevin. Any idea what that equals...a music doc that's cookin!

Yeah, okay I spent to many years writing bad ad copy. But I do have to say, watching an album being created has been an incredible experience for me. Everyone is so diggin the music that is happening. Wes (DP) hasn't smiled so much, Crystal (Camera assist) is updating Facebook with the thrill of it all...and Jerry (sound) is constantly bopping.

We shoot more on Wednesday the 14Th including a house party. Bill and Band will perform. If anyone who is reading this is interested they are all welcome to come. It is free all that is required is that you must sign a release form allowing us to shoot you for this documentary. The event starts at 8pm and the house is located at 9906-81 Avenue

Another first...last night I got to meet another fav of mine...Gaye Delorme. I love hanging with musicians...Does that make me a groupie? Hey I'm not going to sleep with them...Ummm, I wonder, could I be a singer?

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