Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Independent Film: The shoot-Day One

Wow, I just finished Day 1 of shooting the first documentary in my series "For the Record". In case you didn't know its about singer/songwriters who are preparing to record. The first episode is about blues/roots performer Bill Bourne as he prepares and records his new album tentatively titled "See".

Yesterday we shot at Beta Sound, one of the recording studios in Edmonton. It was mind boggling the incredible music that is being produced. I am in complete awe of these mind numbing performers. First up on electric guitar is Bill's son Patrick Bourne. This is the first time they have a recorded together and they have only played together a couple of times. The chemistry between Dad and Son is quite amazing. Next is Edmonton Bass Player Moses Gregg, who you might know from the band "The Swifty's". All drummers are definitely not created equal. I now know this now, listening to Chilean percussionist Miguel Ferrer. And finally, while everyone is excellent the one fellow that is blowing my mind is guitarist Peter Oppong "Pa Joe". Peter is from Ghana and plays with the African Guitar Summit.They recently won a Juno for one of their albums. Watching his fingers travel down the frets is mesmerizing. I am gushing like teenage school girl after meeting her pop star fantasy...eeew did I just say that.

Anyway I am digging the music, I like the people. Wes Doyle is shooting so you know, not only will it sound good but it is going to look great.

There will be Facebook fan page soon so, everyone can make sure they get all the info on the show. Or you can visit my website which will be getting revamped in the next little while.

Ciao! I am just feeling so worldly.

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