Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is anyone else sick of this Rahim Jaffer thing?

Okay I have to speak. There is so much in the news and online, all over actually about Rahim Jaffer getting off on his drunk driving/Cocaine possession thing. It was bad, it was wrong, he shouldn't have gotten off...or should he?

Come on people...I don't like the conservatives, I suspect Rahim probably wasn't all that good, but, but...it doesn't mean the man should be condemned. He goes to court and the judge looks at him, sees his job history, sees his criminal history and decides that there is absolutely no reason to ruin this man's life for what might be a once in a lifetime mistake. They let him off and I think that is good judgement. There are criminals and there are non criminal's. Who knows what Rahim is capable of and who knows what kind of impact a criminal charge would have. Everyone deserves a break or two in their lives, it is tough enough to get along in this world. How are people expected to grow without being able to make a mistakes to learn from.

Now did Rahim use his influence to get the court decision he got...perhaps, but if you were in his position wouldn't you. This is a fucked up charge that could have done him a lot of damage. I know if I was in that boat I would use whatever I could to try and make it better.

It is sort of like the Tiger Woods thing...yeah, it looks like he has a problem with commitment but, but...definitely not my business!

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  1. I'm sorry, but I think that's bullshit. How would have Rahim voted on a similar situation, given the Conservatives view on crime? Or is this view only applicable to aboriginal 14 year olds, and not former conservative MP's who are peddling their political influence to get backroom deals and then drunkenly driving off in their sports cars?

    Tiger is a prviate citizen politically. It's not my business what he does. Rahim was a member of my government, local and federal, and is still pretending to be for the sake of his shady business deals. Fuck him, and the horse he drunk drove in on.