Monday, January 18, 2010

Film Screening Hell!

It's over, my first screening with someone who hasn't seen anything of the film. One of the producers and the woman who is doing publicity...and I got the impression they both really liked it. So that is over, the rest will be easier.

Watch for the music video which will be coming to a You Tube near you. Don't panic, you won't have to go look, we will be sending you all links.

So I was sitting contemplating the problems with our industry and realized there are so many where do I start. Well the one bone of contention is funding. The art grants suck. They are not always based on content but many times are judged on how well the application was done and whether or not you made mistakes. Case in point, last year I applied for an AFA grant to for the film I just did. I applied as an individual, that was what the grant was for (I understood this). In the questionnaire, I was asked if I am connected to any production companies and if so what are they called. I wrote down my company name "Hired Gun Productions Inc". So I wait the 4 months to get a letter stating that I have been disqualified because you can't be connected to an Incorporated company...even though I was applying as an individual (I guess if you have a company you no longer matter as a person). What really frosted me,is that they waited 4 months to reject my application when all they needed to do was give me a call to straighten out the issue...but no its easier to knock another one of the list...I said fuck it, and made the film for nothing...thank god they have grants to help with all this. Maybe it's just me, but I think there is a better way and I have the answer...I am sure of it!

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