Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First day of my blog.

and here it is my second post. I figure why not it's January, Tuesday, nothing on TV, well till 8pm anyway and then its "The Good Wife". I want to hate US fare, but it's hard. Its so easily digestible and not hard on the brain. I heard a fellow talk a few months back, he was one of the producers of an American sitcom called "Samantha Who". Well to make a long story, slightly longer he mentioned that the show had a budget of 2.2 million per 22 minute episode. 2.2 million for 22 minutes. In Canada that is two feature films and maybe a documentary or two. Makes you wonder why we bother. But yet it is so crucial to support Canadian film and television. Why? Because believe it or not we are different. We live a different life and we have our own unique stories. Case in point, anyone watch the short lived CBC series "Hatching, Matching and Dispatching"? It was brilliant! Sick, twisted, incredibly funny and completely and totally Canadian like only the east coast can do. But I can't talk much longer..."The Good Wife" is about to start and I need to pour myself a Diet Pepsi before sitting down. Is there such a thing as product placement in a blog? I wonder, can I make some money doing that? I have a few more thoughts on Canadian television and film so if your interested stay posted.

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