Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I now have a blog. So what does that mean? Do I have to update it daily, weekly, monthly...or once in a blue moon. Do I have a responsibility to the 9 followers. Do they really care what I have to say or are they just really kind friends.

Well, it's Wednesday, I did some grocery shopping, and I have nothing to say. Hmmm, having a blog is kind of like Twitter. Okay, who is with Twitter not the dumbest thing you have ever heard of. I use it and feel terrible. I feel like a narcissist, who constantly must tell people what is going on in my dull, average life. How can I even remotely think someone might be interested by the fact that I just got back from grocery shopping. Okay, I don't do that, I don't use Twitter the way it was meant to be used...but I just don't have that kind of conceit. Or am I a hypocrite as I spout off about all my ideas and thoughts here on my new blog.

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