Thursday, January 14, 2010

I want to do a feature film!

I am really wanting to get a feature film of the ground. It's a comedy and I have already written the 1st draft. It is called "Stella's dead and in the back of the Truck". I want to do it really bad. Its a mix of Live action and animation and I think (naturally, why wouldn't I) it will be a winner. So I figure I can do the film for as little as 1.5 million dollars. I know if your not in the business your thinking as little as, what the fuck? That's a lot of dough. It really isn't for a movie. So the plan is that everyone invests...and you get different things depending on the different level of investment.
$1,000.00-I say thank you!
$5,000.00-I send a nice thank you letter!
$10,000.00-I say thank you and send you a nice thank you letter!
$15,000.00-You get a walk on role!
$20,000.00-you get a walk on role and a line!
$25,000.00-you get a secondary character role with a couple of lines!
$50,000.00-you get a secondary role with three recurrences!
$100,000.00-You can have sex with the female or male lead!
$250,000.00-You can have sex with the female or male lead (your choice)!
$500,000.00-Hi Star!
$1,000,000.00-Hi Producer!
$1,500,000.00-Hi Executive Producer!

At for example the $1,000.00 investment...I would only need a thousand investors...I think I can do this.

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  1. So my math is off I would need 1500 investors...who's interested?