Monday, January 18, 2010

First screenings

The hardest part of doing a film is that eventually you have to show it to someone. To date, everyone who has seen it has been involved with it which isn't fair because there is a bias. Today, I am showing one of the producers and the publicist a first view. Sure they are not unbiased either...but I need to ease into the screenings. Next weekend I will show it to a couple of the actors and then I will branch out to the great unwashed.

Sometimes, at least for me you really need to play head games. A film is such a personal part of you there is a hesitation to put it out there. But you have to do it. That is why you did the film to begin with. You wanted to tell a story, deliver a message, communicate a thought. I hope people get the message in my film. I know I will offend some, but that is okay...the people I offend I really wasn't trying to reach.

So far I have had only one bad review, and that came from someone who only saw a rough cut. They may still hate it now that it's done...but at least now it is what was intended to be. I really protect rough cuts from people who don't need to see them. It is very difficult to judge a film from the rough cut, you get an idea if it has a flow, but it is not till it's finished that you really see if it has legs or not.

Oh well time to go, wish me luck...hope the 2 people that see it today enjoy it.

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