Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad things happen in threes...baloney, it's not true

So I was talking earlier about having a pissy day...and I was worried that bad luck happens in 3s...well not true. I decide to have a positive attitude, and things worked out. The city came out, discovered my plumbing problems were actually theirs and it didn't cost me anything.

It actually is cheaper to call the city then a plumber when your sewer backs up...if it is your problem you will be billed $200.00, if it is a city issue the problem is fixed for nothing. The catch is you will be hard pressed to get a regular plumber out to fix anything for less then $200.00. Its a no lose situation. You got sewer problems, the city is always the first call.

There you go...Ben's homeowner tip #1. If you know me, giving home owner tips is the ultimate in irony. Anyway I am off for the night..."I love the smell of sewer in the evening" didn't that come from a movie?

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