Friday, March 5, 2010

"Gurella Filmmaking-Things I learned making no budget films"

I just recently finished my 10th short film. What is important to know about this is that I have done all 10 films with absolutely no budget. Okay, not nothing...this last film I did buy pizza for the cast and crew while shooting. It isn't easy doing this type of thing with no budget. It isn't easy getting the right crew, cast and making sure your film looks alright. Over the next few blogs I will share with you the things I learned. I made plenty of mistakes and I made a few right decisions.

The very first thing I want to talk about is crew. It is important that you find the best people you can for the job. It isn't easy, so you need at the very least to concentrate on getting experience in the key areas. For me, there are three crucial positions. You get the right people here and you can get it done.
1) DOP
2) Editor
3) Music Composer

The first two are obvious, but you will notice on low budget or no budget films one of the weak links always seems to be music. Yet music sets the whole tone of your film. To me it is an extremely important element. I have been lucky with the music composers I have worked with. You can see the improvement in soundtracks as my filmography grows. You can't help getting better the more you do.

Anyway these are tips I think important, others may not. Remember the most important thing to know about filmmaking is that you just need to go out and do it.

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