Saturday, March 13, 2010

"My Mind is Just a Twitter"

I have been overwhelmed lately by this whole concept of Social Media. The marketing of the future is now...So lets start, you all of a sudden, have something that needs to be know, a product that has to be seen, information that must be shared...Post it on your blog, add photos and video...and a link to Facebook, which in turn links to YouTube, with a way to connect to your website, which sends you e-mails on every hit. But how will people know you do all this? Simple, you tweet them. They in turn will hopefully retweet your stuff to their list of friends who will hopefully then re-re tweet and so on and so on...Its truly amazing, its mind numbing, it is original and wait, hmmm isn't it just word of mouth?

Could Social Media be just that simple, or am I missing something? "I am slowly twittering away the hours"...the new adage for 2010.

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