Friday, March 12, 2010

Gurella Filmmaking-Things I learned doing no budget films-Part 3

Okay so it won't be part 3, because I am in a totally bitchy mood. Ever get there? You know, where you really don't want to be part of the human race. I have lost the desire to communicate in anyway with any other living creature. But yet they keep calling, and they keep e-mailing, and they say hi on the streets, my text alarm doesn't seem to stop...My friends, I do love them...but today I don't want to communicate with any of them. This happens to me once every few years...I need to stop, shut down, and recharge. I guess a lot people might say this is what they do on their vacation. I don't really do vacations, so I must be due. Can't afford to go anywhere so I will imagine by holiday.

I am in Spain. I don't speak any Spanish but it's been really good, most people will make an effort to figure things out. We have a flat 1/2 a block from the beach. If you climb to the top floor, get on the roof, you see this beautiful sea ahead of you...turn around and it is the city scape known as Barcelona. Which way to the topless beaches?

Okay I have never been there, but it's my vacation so it will damn well be what I want it to be...There it is again, that bitchy alter ego (I know a lot of you who know me are thinking-alter, what is so alter about Ben being bitchy) I must keep it in check.

Enough talk, I need to go ly down. I will be back another day with either more Guerrilla Film making Tips, or some slides from my trip to Spain.

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