Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Independent film on the web

So, I am very excited about my next project. It is going to be the first of what I hope will be a series of web based documentaries. It will only be available for download. The series is called "For the Record". It will follow singer/songwriters as they prepare to record a new album, or I guess technically it would be a CD. The first edition will be about Bill Bourne as he prepares to record his new album "See". I think it should be an interesting doc. Principal Photography begins April 5 with a release date for the show sometime in July. The album will be coming out in the fall.

So now the project is to figure out where to make the documentary available for download. At only 1.99 per download it will be extremely affordable. If anybody has any info on good sites for this (if I understand correctly you need a distributor to get onto Itunes) please let me know. Or if you have had experiences good or bad on the process I would also like to know about it.

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