Monday, March 29, 2010

Gurella Filmmaking-Things I learned doing no budget films-Part 5

So the continuing saga. How to make the concept of no budget work for you. First off, one of the big things I battle with when there isn't a budget, are the constraints of time. You just can't stretch it out over too many days. I have determined that I can get a good crew and cast for no more then 3 days. 3 days isn't a lot of time but you make due.

Today we talk the location hunt. In low or no budget filmmaking the locations becoming doubly important...not only do you need the right set, but you also need it to be conveniently located. I did a film a couple of years ago that was a multi location shoot. We found a house that was enormous and shot if as follows:

Living Room, Location #1
Family Room, Location #2
Kitchen dining room, Location #3
Kitchen, Location #4
Counter table-Kitchen, Location #5
Dining Room, Location #6
Basement rumpus room, Location #6

So we spent 2 of the 3 days there but it served as 6 separate locations...this was a gold mine time wise. I know these are small things, but they add up and contribute to the overall film. Time is money or in this case time is a couple extra takes needed to get the right performance, to make your film look as be as good as it can.

Here is a good tip, if someone let you shoot in their home and you need another house location in your film, ask them how well they know their neighbours and if they think they would have a location that could be used.

My last film, "Honest you won't get hooked" required 3 separate house locations...we found them all on the same block. Nothing kills your shoot faster then having to relocate.

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